On Sunday, Ted Summerton Reserve in Moe hosted the annual Dahlsens Gippsland All Stars Grand Final, featuring junior football talent from across the region. The event included three matches: Eastern Gippsland versus Western Gippsland in the 13s, Southern Gippsland against Western Gippsland in the 14s, and Eastern Gippsland versus Latrobe Valley in the 15s.

Families and friends gathered to watch these young athletes showcase their skills on the field. Throughout the day, Ted Summerton Reserve was abuzz with excitement, emphasizing the significance of the Dahlsens Grand Final as a community celebration of youth sports in Gippsland.


Eastern Gippsland: 10.11 71
Western Gippsland: 1.4 10

Best Players: Eastern Gippsland: Hugo Scanlon, Lachlan Giles, Java Lauterboom, Jaxen Wood, Kyle Hanks, Kaleb Panetta. Western Gippsland: Ryder Gieschen, Nash Monaghan, Jack Bartlett, Charlie Young, Ace Burgiel, Kobe Parsons.

Goal Kickers: Eastern Gippsland: Ryder Gieschen 6, Kai Boyle 2, Charlie Young 2, Sam Duffield 1. Western Gippsland: Jack Stoll 1.  

Best on Ground: Ryder Gieschen: (Eastern Gippsland)

13s Premiers: Eastern Gippsland
Best on Ground: Ryder Gieschen: (Eastern Gippsland)


Western Gippsland: 9.10 64
Southern Gippsland: 10.7 67

Best Players: Western Gippsland: Alex Ingham, Jaxon Scott, Ky Bannister, Clancy Cunningham, Jack Alexander, Jude Vilcins. Southern Gippsland: Shelton Winmar, James Martin, Noah Bradley, Cobie Milner, Jackson Glen, Jesse Moschetti

Goal Kickers: Western Gippsland: Alex Ingham 4, Jude Vilcins 2, Jack Alexander, Ky Bannister, Jordy Winduss 1. Southern Gippsland: Jackson Glen 3, James Martin 3, Noah Bradley, Maddison Leed, Finn O’Halloran, Shelton Winmar 1.

Best on Ground: Shelton Winmar: (Southern Gippsland)

14s Premiers: Southern Gippsland
Best on Ground: Shelton Winmar (Southern Gippsland)


Eastern Gippsland: 3,11 29
Latrobe Valley: 8.10 58

Best Players: Eastern Gippsland: Harry Bartlett, Angus Tanner, Leo Stephenson, Harley Young, Sam Phillips, Koda Tuau. Latrobe Valley: Lachlan Pass, Ford Gore, Elias Romano, Benjamin Raymond, Riley O'Brien, Mason Malady.

Goal Kickers: Eastern Gippsland: Jonah Linford, Jimmy Little, Finn McCarthy 1. Latrobe Valley: Ford Gore 5, Lachlan Ainsworth, Hudson Anderson, Harper Connolly.

Best on Ground: Ben Raymond (Latrobe Valley)

15s Premiers: Latrobe Valley
Best on Ground: Ben Raymond (Latrobe Valley)