Change Our Game – Gippsland League

The Change Our Game League wide theme round will be part of the Alinta Energy Gippsland League’s overall Showcasing Women in sport campaign and will be run throughout five match days. The theme round is placed in the Round 16 split round and the feature match days in both weeks. Showcasing Women in Sport – Gippsland League is aimed at promoting celebrating female participation and increasing female engagement in all aspects of the Gippsland League including playing, coaching, being a volunteer, club executive or League executive.

The promotion around this theme round and the events within the matchdays will be aimed to engage women with the Change Our Game messaging and to celebrate our female participants. Part of the promotion will be Showcase Match filming for all 5 A Grade matches in Round 16 which will include messaging aimed to inspire and engage women in sport within Gippsland League. From Round 11 the League will produce weekly match filming of at least one A Grade netball match in addition to the Optus Match of the Month to begin to bring the product in line with local male football coverage. This product will be the first weekly video content of female netball in the Gippsland region.

We are fortunate to have five amazing ambassadors for women in the Gippsland League who have helped us promote this project including Jodi Galea (executives and volunteers), Anna Solomon (players), Carlie Dwyer (administrators and operations), Brooke Brown (umpires and volunteers) and Stacie Gardiner (coaches and players). Be sure to watch our promotional video (below) where our Showcasing Women in sport Gippsland League project ambassadors speak about their journey in sport and with the Gippsland League.