It's the half way point of the season so here is how the sides are tracking after 9 rounds.

TEAM: Bairnsdale




HIGH POINT: Win over Drouin at Drouin


MOST MVP VOTES: Logan Austin 5

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Logan Austin, Brayden McCarrey


It’s been a tough start to the year for the Red Legs. They have missed some opportunities including their round 1 match against the Tigers where they fell by 12 points at home. They struggle for depth in their squad and it hasn’t helped that John Gooch and Simon Deery have both missed matches. Coach Logan Austin has been fantastic as a midfielder that is drifting forward and hitting the scoreboard. Their issue has been defending and winning the ball around the midfield. They have conceded the most points in the competition by a long stretch averaging over 100 points per game against which doesn’t put you in many positions to win football matches. On the positive side young star Randall Stewart is having a breakout year, Tyran Rees was one of their best early while Under 18s star Will Bromage is gaining experience at the top level. They will be hoping for a strong finish to the season and will be setting their sights on the games against their lower ranked opponents to get some more wins on the board.

Other Grades: The Reserves struggled with playing numbers early in the season but when they have had a strong side in they have been competitive. Likely to finish in a battle for the minor finals positions and currently sit 5th on the table with 4 wins but only a percentage of 66. The Thirds look set to be a finals team in 2022 with 6 wins at the half way point they sit Third on the table. Bairnsdale are always a competitive Thirds team and 2022 looks that way again, will be hoping to pick up the wins they need for the double chance. The Fourths currently sit in 4th place with 4 wins from their 8 matches. A healthy percentage shows they are one of the sides like to play finals in 2022 despite only being 1 game clear of 7th place.

TEAM: Drouin




HIGH POINT: Win over Warragul in the Western Derby


MOST MVP VOTES: Tim Hancock 4

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Tim Hancock, Harry Wans, Kye Quirk


The Hawks have been a yo yo side this season. At times they have looked super competitive and then the next week or next quarter have dropped right off. They came out and comprehensively beat their local rival Warragul on ANZAC Weekend off the back off two heavy defeats. Harry Wans and Tim Hancock have been standouts for the Hawks so far and look to be key players for the rest of the season. Aden and Kyle Quirk have been welcome additions to the team with Kye leading their goalkicking at this stage of the season. It looks to be a tough road for the Hawks in the back half of the season after banking a few games at home early in the year they will be on the road against some of the ladder leaders including Traralgon, Wonthaggi and Leongatha. Like Bairnsdale they need to start cutting off some supply to the forward line with over 100 points per game on average conceded in 2022 including 182 v Traralgon, 125 v Bairnsdale and 158 v Leongatha. We look forward to see some of their talented junior kids continue to get some match time during the season including Ryan Maric who has been one of the best players in the Thirds competition so far.

Other Grades: The Reserves have struggled with numbers all year and sit 10th on the table. Unlikely to compete for a finals spot they have the one win so far in 2022. The Thirds are in contention for a finals spot. Sitting 6th on the table with 4 wins and a percentage near 100. The Hawks will be hoping for a strong finish to have a footy side in the finals in 2022. The Hawks sit in 5th place at the turn but will need results to go their way to hold that spot. 4 wins for the season has them a game clear of Moe and Leongatha but a percentage off 66 will have them in trouble come seasons end if the points are level.

TEAM: Leongatha




HIGH POINT: Away win over Sale by 67 points


MOST MVP VOTES: Tom Marriott 12

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Tom Marriott, Luke Bowman, Jack Hume, Aaron Heppell, Aaron Hillberg, Justin Pellicano, Cade Maskell


There is not much left to say about the Parrots. They are clearly the team to beat so far in 2022 and still are yet to welcome in several key senior players into the side. Tom Marriott has been dominant again and with Luke Bowman and Aaron Heppell they have been the best midfield in the competition. Jack Ginnane, Jack Hume and Aaron Hillberg have controlled the forward line while the move of Cade Maskell to the backline has been inspired. They have the best depth of any side in the competition with the Reserves featuring a number of premiership players at various stages and sitting at the top of the table with a percentage of 736 after 9 rounds. It will be up to the links of Traralgon, Sale and Wonthaggi Power to work out how they will make up the gap.

Other Grades: The Reserves are run away leaders and look set to feature deep into September. An Amazing percentage and undefeated after the first half of the year. Pencil Leongatha Reserves in for the minor premier spot at this stage. It has been a rare season where the Parrots haven’t been one of the top Thirds teams. They haven’t had a full team all year and have recorded just the three wins so far. The Parrots have shared a similar situation in the fourths and sit 7th with 3 wins so far. Still in the race but will need to pickup a game somewhere against a top 4 team.

TEAM: Maffra




HIGH POINT: Away win over Warragul in Round 8

LEADING GOALKICKER: Daniel Bedggood 21

MOST MVP VOTES: Daniel Bedggood 6

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Hudson Holmes, Daniel Bedggood, Ed Carr, Alex Carr


The Eagles have been super competitive this season and have managed to beat the teams below them in the first half of the year. Missed and opportunity in Round 9 against Traralgon which would have seen them right in the hunt for the top 5. They have a lot of senior experience in the side and have drawn on a number of first gamers this year which will be great for their development in the long run. Their junior teams sit 1st and 2nd on the ladders respectively and they have a few notable players in the Gippsland Power ranks. Hudson Holmes looks like a lock for team of the year after returning from injury over the past few seasons. Daniel Bedggood looks fit and firing with the marksman sitting on 21 goals so far. Ed Carr is all class and still leads the way through the middle of the ground. They are a clear best of the rest at this stage and will need to pick up games against teams like Moe and Wonthaggi in the second half of the year of they are to continue on this amazing streak of finals appearances in the Alinta Energy Gippsland League

Other Grades: The Reserves are again one of the stronger teams in the competition. They have a percentage of 347% and have only dropped games to Leongatha and Wonthaggi. Expect the team to go deep into September. The Eagles have been the team to beat in the Thirds so far in 2022. Currently sitting on top of the table with only the one loss. Will be tested in the back half of the season with senior debutants and Power call ups. Like the Thirds, the Fourths have been the team to beat early. They have dropped a few games to sit in 3rd place at the turn with 6 wins and only 2 losses. Will play finals just need to hold off Bairnsdale for the double chance.





HIGH POINT: Win over Traralgon in Round 4


MOST MVP VOTES: Declan Keilty 8

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Declan Keilty, Harry Pepper, Brock Smith, Riley Baldi, James Blaser  


The Lions have been sitting near the top of the table since round 1 but back to back losses have seen them drop to fourth at the half way point. They made the most of a good early season draw and their 1 point win over Traralgon in round 4 may prove vital come seasons end. They have a host of great young players and have looked irresistible at times with their ball movement. Brock Smith started the season on fire and was racking up the touches across half back. Veteran Clint Taylor has been a surprise for the team in the ruck forward role and has given great service in the 8 matches he has played after a late illness call up. Harry Pepper has kicked multiple bags of  goals early but is reportedly nursing an injury from the Leongatha game which might halt his chances in the JC Lawless award. Riley Baldi is another young star who has missed games due to other commitments but has been one of the best when available. Their strength is in the defensive half with coach Declan Keilty almost a lock at centre half back in the team of the year. They have con

Other Grades: The Reserves have been another side to struggle with numbers and depth. They have won 4 matches for the year but sit in sixth place with a percentage of 54%. The Thirds have been a tough grade to judge. Have had players in the seniors and at Gippsland Power. They have won 6 games and sit 4th but only have a percentage of 89. The Lions sit in 6th place with 3 wins in the Fourths but look the most likely side to jump into the five. Need to beat Drouin and Leongatha to get in.

TEAM: Morwell




HIGH POINT: Win over Wonthaggi


MOST MVP VOTES: Boyd Bailey, Brandon McDonald 5

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Boyd Bailey, Tristen Waack, Brandon McDonald, Tyler Brown, Brandon McAuliffe


The Tigers have surprised many in the first half of the season. After losing their starting midfield from 2021 the younger players have stepped up and taken over the mantle. Brandon McDonald has been a welcome return to the club and has kicked a few bags of goals including 9 v Drouin. Former Gippsland Power stars Tristen Waack, Nathan Noblett and Brandon McAuliffe have been a driving force through the middle of the ground. Boyd Bailey has started the transition to take over the senior coaching role and remains a key figure in the side. While they sit 7th on the ladder, four wins is a great return and more than many expected with the list of preseason outs. They have matched it with the best sides in patches and the standout win over Wonthaggi was their highlight of the season so far. Unlikely to make finals but are keeping themselves in the hunt by beating the sides towards the bottom of the ladder. If they can snag a few big name recruits they could be a team to watch moving forward into next season.

Other Grades: The Reserves have done well to field a team each week after early signs were that they would struggle for numbers. Have been topped up with neighboring league players in the early stages of the year so it will be interesting to see how they fare past June 30. Currently have 3 wins and a draw.  The Thirds have had 4 wins so far but sit in 7th place. A healthy percentage above 90 shows they have been competitive. Need to pinch a few wins over the likes of Moe and Warragul if they are to sneak into the finals. The Fourths have struggled this year and have yet to register a win. Will be looking to games against fellow bottom five sides to ensure they have some joy in the last 9 rounds.  

TEAM: Sale




HIGH POINT: Win over Moe at Ted Summerton Reserve


MOST MVP VOTES: Shannen Lange 9

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Shannen Lange, Jack Leslie, Will Leslie, Brad Dessent, Jack Johnstone, Jackson Glenane


One of the premiership favorites in the pre season. It has been an interesting start to the year but the Magpies look to be settling into their work. Were smashed at home against Leongatha and dropped games against Traralgon and Wonthaggi on the road. Things didn’t click early and their ball use was costing them dearly. Their win over Moe at Ted Summerton Reserve was a key game and since then they have been building. Jack Leslie and Shannen Lange are a class above and with coach Jack Johnstone floating forward they have a potent midfield group. Brad Dessent is back in goalkicking form after a slow start to the year while Will Leslie is another backman who looks locked in for team of the year honors. Sitting Third on the table at the turn it looks like they will be there late in September. Must pinch two of the home games against Wonthaggi, Moe and Traralgon to guarantee a top 3 finish and the double chance come the finals. 

Other Grades: The Reserves have been a big tick for the Magpies this year. They have struggled over the past few seasons with numbers but are starting to see the benefits of a strong second 22 in their senior football performances. Likely to play finals if injuries stay away. Sitting 4th on the table with 5 wins. The Thirds side has struggled in 2022. Have recorded two wins which is great reward for effort. Currently sitting 9th. Similar situation in the Fourths with just the two wins so far in 2022. Currently sit 9th and will be unlikely to pinch a finals spot.

TEAM: Traralgon




HIGH POINT: Wins over Sale and Wonthaggi at Traralgon Showgrounds


MOST MVP VOTES: Tye Hourigan 6

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Brett Eddy, Tye Hourigan, Mark Collison, Tom Schneider, Jake Best, Matt Northe


Sitting second on the ladder at the turn probably exceeds expectations. They were quietly confident after the best recruiting off season the club has had in a few years but probably didn’t have themselves in the second spot. It is incredible as they have been Warragul’s sole win for the year and also dropped the Moe game by a point. The Maroons pushed Leongatha in round 1 and have got the closest of any side to the green and gold. They look set for a deep run in finals if they can stay healthy. Brett Eddy has been a great target up forward and leads the JC Lawless award after his bag of 10 against Drouin and 7 against Sale. Tye Hourigan is a star of the competition while Luis D’Angelo, Tom Schneider and Mark Collison have been great around the football. A well balanced side that move the ball forward well and look dangerous. Their defence is the question mark and if it can hold up who knows where they may end up. They have a few players in the Gippsland Power system that may even get a look in come September. Exciting times for Maroons fans in the Senior grade.

Other Grades: The Reserves have lost a lot of depth to North Gippsland in the off season. A perennial finals team looks set to miss the five with just the one win so far in 2022. Sitting second on the table in the Thirds with 6 wins so far. They have a number of players at Gippsland Power regularly and will be super competitive come finals time if all players are available. Runaway leaders in the Fourths, the Maroons are yet to drop a game with a percentage of 423. Two games clear on top they will likely finish as the minor premiers in 2022.

TEAM: Warragul




HIGH POINT: Win over Drouin at Drouin


MOST MVP VOTES: Sean Masterson 5

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Sean Masterson, Jed Lamb, Nick Graham


The Gull’s will be equally disappointed and also happy to have moved off the bottom of the table this year. A huge recruiting spree in the off season has paid dividends with the likes Nick Graham, Jed Lamb and Mitch Smart being key figures early. Jed Lamb has been kicking goals for fun but is playing a sole hand at times. Sean Masterson will be likely leading their best and fairest. He has been immense in the backline and played well early. Beat Traralgon who are second and drew with Wonthaggi who are fourth but have been well beaten by Drouin and Morwell. They will be hoping to get compete better against sides ranked close to them on the ladder and keep the progress going. They need to limit the difference between their best and worst and fine more avenues to goal.

Other Grades: The Reserves have had two wins and a draw so far in 2022. They, like many others, have a good run at home but need personnel available on the road. Sitting in 8th place at the half way mark. Their Thirds side has struggled with the number of players representing at Gippsland Power. They sit 5th with 5 wins so far in 2022 but will be a different team come September if the Power players are eligible. The 2021 minor premiers are currently sitting second in the Fourths with 6 wins and just the two losses. Should be a lock for the double chance and a good run in September.

TEAM: Wonthaggi Power




HIGH POINT: Round 1 win over Sale

LEADING GOALKICKER: Jack Hutchinson 14

MOST MVP VOTES: Aiden Lindsay, Ryan Sparkes, Tim Knowles 6

TEAM OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS SO FAR: Jack Blair, Jordan Staley, Ryan Sparkes, Aiden Lindsay, Tim Knowles, Jack Hutchinson, Jarryd Blair


The Power will be looking to prime themselves for a late season run. They have been average on the road for their high standards dropping points against Warragul and losing to Morwell and Traralgon. One of the pre season favorites, they need to get going in the second half of the season and push for the double chance. Only 2 points off second on the table at the half way point is a good result but their form line needs to improve in the latter stages. Have been inaccurate in front of goal in a number of games. Kicked themselves out of contention against Leongatha and probably cost themselves the match at Morwell not being able to convert. Ryan Spakes has been an excellent in this year while fellow recruit Jack Hutchison has also been lively up forward. Aiden Lindsay is starting to motor but they need more from their other mid fielders. Heavily reliant on their stars like Jack Blair to get the job done. Their strength in 2021 came from their young breakout players. When they are going they look a clear top 3 side but will need to start putting that on the park every week in a hotly contested race for the double chance.

Other Grades: The Reserves have good playing numbers and depth which sees them sit second on the table. A huge home win at Maffra almost assured a double chance at seasons end. They will benefit from having the senior side go deep in finals to help with player availability. Could it be an all South Gippsland Reserves Grand Final? . In contrast the Thirds have struggled this season. With the Fourths not able to field a side, several players were bumped up into the Thirds. Sitting 10th on the table with one win.