Move to self-governance for 2022

Gippsland League member clubs have voted in their board of management for 2022. The member clubs met with the governance committee earlier this week to elect a subcommittee that will begin the transition to self governance and administration. This subcommittee will formally take on the role of the board of management for the Gippsland League from November 1st 2021. 

The member clubs nominated and elected eight candidates creating a full ticket for the 2022 board of management. The members are:

Andrew Livingstone 

Brett Tessari 

Dean Benson 

Duane Rek 

Jodi Galea 

Shane Paynter 

Ian Dougherty 

Stuart Dalton  

The board of management subcommittee will be meeting with AFL Gippsland next week to begin the transition process for the Gippsland League's self-governance and administration.