THE STATS – the numbers from the Senior Football Finals

2022 saw the return of finals and thanks to iSports we were able to have the full statistic analysis taken of all six senior football finals.

Here are some of the key player stats from the 2022 finals series:

DISPOSALS - Jack Johnstone (S) 107 at 26.8 per game

DISPOSALS in a game - Jack Johnstone (S), Ryan Pendlebury 33 (S) (Grand Final v Leongatha)

KICKS - Ryan Pendlebury (S) 72

KICKS in a game - Ryan Pendlebury (S) 26 (Grand Final v Leongatha)

HANDBALLS - Shannen Lange (S) 49

HANDBALLS in a game - Tom Marriott (L) 17 (Grand Final v Sale)

MARKS - Ryan Pendlebury (S), Jack Johnstone 22 (S)

CONTESTED MARKS in a game - Troy Harley (WP) 5 (Qualifying Final v Sale)

INTERCEPT MARKS in a game - Cade Maskell (L) 6 (Grand Final v Sale) , Ryan Pendlebury (S) 6 (Qualifying Final v Wonthaggi)

CLEARANCES - Ryan Sparkes (WP) 25 at 8.3 per game

CLEARANCES in a game - Shannen Lange 12 (S) (Grand Final v Leongatha)

CLEARANCES from Centre Bounce - Shannen Lange (S) 7

HIT OUTS - Jack Leslie (S)122

HIT OUTS average per game - Ben Willis (L) 37.5

HIT OUTS TO ADVANTAGE in a game - Jack Leslie (S) 10 (Preliminary Final v Wonthaggi)

TACKLES - Ryan Sparkes (WP), Cooper Whitehill (S) 28

TACKLES in a game - Jake Van der Pligt (L) 11 (2nd Semi Final v WOnthaggi)


CONTESETED POSSESSIONS in a game - Shannen Lange (S) 22 (Grand Final v Leongatha)

INSIDE 50's in a game - Ryans Sparkes (WP) 8 (2nd Semi v Leongatha)

INSIDE 50's average per game - Kim Drew (L) 6

FORWARD 50 MARKS in a game - Nathan Noblett (M) 6 (Elimination Final v Traralgon)

GOALS - Brett Eddy (T) 7 & Troy Harley (WP) 7

BEHINDS - Jack Johnstone (S) - 6