Wonthaggi         v.      Leongatha         

(SGFL 1927 – 31, 1955-68, GL 1995-2004, 2010-2023)

All matches                :           Played 120      Wonthaggi 52, Leongatha 66, drawn 2

Finals                          :           Played 17        Wonthaggi 8, Leongatha 9

Last ten matches         :           Wonthaggi 4, Leongatha 6    

Last three matches      :           2023 (L) Leongatha 10.12. 72 d Wonthaggi 10. 9. 69

                                    :           2023 (W) Wonthaggi 6.13. 49 d Leongatha 4. 8. 32

                                    :           2023 (2nd Semi @ Morwell) Wonthaggi 9.10. c64 d Leongatha 6. 6. 42

Present winning sequence :    Wonthaggi 2

Match Aggregate High :         259 pts (1995) Leongatha 32.19.211 d Wonthaggi 7. 6. 48

Match Aggregate Low :          35 pts (1965) Leongatha 2. 6. 18 d Wonthaggi 2. 5. 17

Highest scores            :           Leongatha 32.19.211 (1995), Wonthaggi 22.13.145 (2002)

Lowest scores             :           Leongatha 2. 5. 17 (1931), Wonthaggi 2. 3. 15 (2019)

Greatest winning margin :      Leongatha 163 (1995), Wonthaggi 100 (2002)

Most goals (match)     :           Leongatha       8          Justin Talbot (1995), Tim Traill (1998)

                                    :           Wonthaggi      7          Nick Garnham (2002), Murray Silver (2004)

Notes                           :           Contests between Wonthaggi and Leongatha date back to around one hundred years. Earliest available scores come from the South Gippsland Football Association where they did battle between 1927 and 1931. During this period they met in the 1930 1st Semi-Final and the 1931 Grand Final, both won by Leongatha. Leongatha then left to join the Central Gippsland Football League. When the CGFL broke up at the end of the 1953 season to form the Latrobe Valley Football League Leongatha went back to the South Gippsland Football League, and renewed acquaintances with their old foe. Between 1955 and 1968 Wonthaggi and Leongatha met in eight finals matches including the Grand Finals of 1961 and 1962, both played at Leongatha. Leongatha won by 27 points in 1961, with Wonthaggi claiming the flag by 18 points the following year. It wasn’t until 1995 when Wonthaggi Blues joined the league that the Southern Cousins met on the field of battle again. They met in the 1999 Qualifying Final, won by Wonthaggi, but then their big year was 2001 when they claimed the top two rungs on the ladder. Leongatha won the 2nd Semi by 28 points and at Moe in the Grand Final seemed headed for a similar margin of victory when they went to the three quarter time huddle with a 31 point lead. Wonthaggi teams are noted for not stopping until the final siren and they gave the Parrots an almighty scare when they kicked 4.5 to 1.1 in the final term to come up just nine points short. Wonthaggi came so close to ending Leongatha’s run of victories in last year’s 2nd Semi Final, Leongatha hanging on grimly for a four point win. This year they had a victory each in the home and away matches before Wonthaggi booked their place in today’s big match with a 22 point win. With Moe these two were the form teams of the year and fans can be assured that they will be witnessing one of the best games that country Victoria has to offer when the Power and the Parrots butt heads this afternoon.  

Stats provided by Paul Carter



Leading Trood Award & Rodda medal – Isaac Chugg 12 votes (6th)

Leading coaches MVP – Ryan Sparkes 50 votes (winner)

Leading goalkicker – Cooper McInnes 53 goals

Team of the Year – Ryan Sparkes, Kyle Reid, Jack Blair, Cooper McInnes

Most times in best players – Ryan Sparkes 11

Round 1Wonthaggi13.8.86vSale11.6.72
Round 2Leongatha10.12.72vWonthaggi10.9.69
Round 3Wonthaggi8.6.54vMoe12.10.82
Round 4Maffra4.4.28vWonthaggi15.18.108
Round 5Wonthaggi10.11.71vDrouin10.2.62
Round 6Bairnsdale8.7.55vWonthaggi18.21.129
Round 7Wonthaggi25.15.165vWarragul4.3.27
Round 8Traralgon3.9.27vWonthaggi16.10.106
Round 9Wonthaggi17.12.114vMorwell4.5.29
Round 10Wonthaggi22.14.146vMaffra2.1.13
Round 11Moe9.8.62vWonthaggi9.9.63
Round 12Wonthaggi6.13.49vLeongatha4.8.32
Round 13Sale10.9.69vWonthaggi13.4.82
Round 14Drouin9.9.63vWonthaggi24.13.157
Round 15Wonthaggi16.21.117vBairnsdale0.8.8
Round 16Warragul3.1.19vWonthaggi20.11.131
Round 17Wonthaggi15.8.98vTraralgon5.4.34
Round 18Morwell7.6.48vWonthaggi10.13.73
Finals Round 2Wonthaggi9.10.64vLeongatha6.6.42



2023 League MVP and would be short odds to get the most disposals for Wonthaggi today. A ball magnet that wins his own football and regularly tops the inside 50 count. Entering the prime years of his career, expect him to perform on the biggest stage so far.

2023 League MVP Ryan Sparkes in action in the 2nd Semi Final


The 2017 League medalist is all class and has been a revelation at half back in 2023. Gets plenty of the football and barely wastes it. One of the most elusive players in the competition expect to see him weave his way through traffic and set up the Powers attacking thrusts.


Absolute game breaker! Hutchinson can stand on defenders heads and also is electric at ground level. Can take mark of the year or kick goal of the year at any time. He kicked 4 goals in the 2nd Semi and only missed out on team of the year honours after missing multiple games through injury. If he fires the Power will be hard to beat.


Leading Trood Award & Rodda medal – Tom Marriott 15 votes (2nd)

Leading coaches MVP -  Aaron Heppell 40 votes (runner -up)

Leading goalkicker – Jenson Garnham 45 goals

Team of the Year – Tom Marriott, Cade Maskell, Aaron Heppell

Most times in best players – Aaron Heppell 15

Round 1Traralgon12.9.81vLeongatha18.10.118
Round 2Leongatha10.12.72vWonthaggi10.9.69
Round 3Warragul6.6.42vLeongatha21.13.139
Round 4Leongatha27.13.175vSale6.7.43
Round 5Leongatha19.18.132vBairnsdale2.5.17
Round 6Morwell7.6.48vLeongatha11.18.84
Round 7Leongatha6.14.50vMoe12.5.77
Round 8Maffra4.7.31vLeongatha14.13.97
Round 9Leongatha23.10.148vDrouin7.7.49
Round 10Sale9.6.60vLeongatha14.14.98
Round 11Leongatha26.24.180vWarragul5.3.33
Round 12Wonthaggi6.13.49vLeongatha4.8.32
Round 13Leongatha14.14.98vTraralgon4.8.32
Round 14Bairnsdale8.2.50vLeongatha19.16.130
Round 15Leongatha13.14.92vMorwell7.2.44
Round 16Moe10.6.66vLeongatha6.8.44
Round 17Drouin3.6.24vLeongatha14.10.94
Round 18Leongatha19.14.128vMaffra2.5.17
Finals Round 1Moe11.7.73vLeongatha16.5.101
Finals Round 2Wonthaggi9.10.64vLeongatha6.6.42
Preliminary FinalLeongatha10.13.73vMoe5.10.40



The player of the finals series so far, Maskell has dominated across half back which has played a big hand in getting the Parrots to a 7th consecutive Grand Final. Excellent in the air and a great reader of the football. One of the best kicks in the League, expect to see him roosting the ball out of the backline frequently in the decider. Twice named best on ground in the Grand Final including last year in 2022 and was named best on ground in the 2018 Grand Final at Morwell kicking 5 goals.


Still arguably the best player in the competition, Marriott was in vintage form in the Preliminary Final. Wins the ball and breaks from contest. Underrated in terms of hitting the scoreboard he has kicked goals in every Grand Final since 2016 . Best on ground in last years Grand Final and runner up in the 2023 League best and fairest medal.

Tom Marriott accepting his best on ground medal after the 2022 premiership win


Young gun that is a key to Leongatha’s chances. Kicked 8 goals in the Qualifying Final and was all class around the ground. Former Gippsland League Rookie of the Year and current VFL listed player at Richmond was also a member of the 2022 premiership side. Was one of the Parrots best in the 2019 Grand Final kicking 2 goals in the loss. Expect big things from him on the big stage.


Wonthaggi: 1.3, 4.4, 6.4, 9.10 (64)
Leongatha: 0.0, 2.3, 4.5, 6.6 (42)
GOALS: Wonthaggi: J. Hutchinson 4, N. Anderson 2, R. Sparkes 1, J. Blair 1, I. Chugg 1,
GOALS: Leongatha: A. Heppell 2, J. Garnham 1, J. Ginnane 1, K. Drew 1, J. Hume 1,
BEST: Wonthaggi: I. Chugg, J. Hutchinson, J. Thomas, B. Mabilia, J. Blair, T. Murray,
BEST: Leongatha: A. Heppell, T. Nash, J. Garnham, T. Marriott, B. Willis, N. Gown,

 DGRanking Points 
02. Ryan Sparkes281140
31. Jack Hutchinson174122
04. Thomas Murray220118
29. Isaac Chugg201111
26. Joshua Bates250103
10. Toma Huther220102
53. Jack Blair170102
11. Jarryd Blair111101
09. Tim Knowles18084
22. Brodie Mabilia19082
08. Troy Harley13077
15. Aiden Lindsay16072
19. Jakeb Thomas11071
14. Noah Anderson9260
30. Mitch Hayes14057
40. Jaxon Williams13055
25. Fergus O'Connor8051
24. Joshua Schulz8037
01. Shannon Bray8035
20. Harry Dawson8030
23. Cooper McInnes4021
27. Tom Davey8015
20. Benjamin Willis150117
10. Kim Drew201108
08. Thomas Marriott240108
59. Aaron Heppell192101
14. Noah Gown18088
04. Josh Hopkins21083
23. Cade Maskell26075
07. Jackson Harry11073
45. Travis Nash15071
05. Tallin Brill12071
17. Jenson Garnham11157
55. Luke Bowman7049
49. Mason McGannon11047
11. Jack Hume10147
21. Jack Ginnane7147
22. Aaron Hillberg10046
03. Sam Forrester7046
35. Will Littlejohn4042
15. Aaron Turton8039
31. Sean Westaway6035
12. Steve Forrester4024
42. Cameron Stone6023