It will go down as one of the more memorable days in recent history for Bairnsdale when the Red Legs broke decade long droughts in the Gippsland League last Saturday at Morwell Recreation Reserve.

Bairnsdale A Grade came to Morwell to face off against the 2022 premiers and 2023 Grand finalists on the back of a decade long losing streak against the Tigers. Our netball match records at this stage only date back to 2015 and show that the Red Legs have not beaten the Tigers home or away in that time period. After a slow start the Red Legs pulled in front in the premiership quarter and their defense led by Alison Dwyer and Brielle Malady held the Tigers to just 5 goals in the final quarter to claim a famous win.

Gippsland Stars teammates turned Round 2 matchday rivals Bairnsdale's Paris Dunkley and Morwell's Anna Soloman
Anna Solomon, Courtney Garth, Chloe Radford
Isabella Bettridge15
Tiffany Boatman14
Ellie Pollutro1
Alison Dwyer, Brielle Malady, Olivia Betts
Anna Mooney20
Olivia Betts16
Maddison Fullgrabe4
Red Leg Ethan East dominated with 158 ranking points including 24 disposals and 51 hit outs
Bairnsdale Seniors & A Grade players singing the song after wins in Round 2

The Red Leg Seniors also broke a long a streak of Tiger wins with their last win at Morwell Recreation Reserve coming 12 years ago in season 2012. The Red Legs have only won 2 of their last 10 against the Tigers and their last win came in 2019 despite competing in that chasing pack for a finals spot. Morwell took a lead into the half time break with their accuracy in front of goal keeping them in front. The second half would belong to Bairnsdale kicking 9 goals to 3 to claim a vital win in season 2024.

Tom Gray, Brandon Mcauliffe, Sam Walsh, Campbell Blewett, Tyler Brown, Harrison McColl
Burkeley Macfarlane2
Brandon Mcauliffe2
Tyler Hillier1
Tom Smith1
Riley Loprese1
Brandon McDonald1
Aidan Quigley1
Ricky Tatnell, Ethan East, Brayden McCarrey, Randall Stewart, Lachlan Cloak, Link Mckenna
Brayden McCarrey5
Max East3
Reece Carstairs1
Lachlan Cloak1
Ethan East1
Link Mckenna1
Will Mitchell1

Player Rankings – Morwell v Bairnsdale R2

PlayerClubRanking PointsDisposals
22. Ethan EastBairnsdale15824
3. Will MitchellBairnsdale11431
42. Cooper HarveyBairnsdale11129
9. Ricky TatnellBairnsdale10921
40. Brayden McCarreyBairnsdale10818
29. Tyran ReesBairnsdale9819
1. Lachlan Byrne-JonesBairnsdale8820
14. Lachlan CloakBairnsdale8818
17. Kieran VickeryBairnsdale8824
7. Hugh LongbottomBairnsdale8223
23. Link McKennaBairnsdale8023
15. Randall StewartBairnsdale7923
10. Tate ClayBairnsdale7521
20. Joshua LandoBairnsdale6713
33. Max EastBairnsdale587
18. Reece CarstairsBairnsdale5410
6. Byron VickeryBairnsdale368
19. Cooper HarveyBairnsdale3412
12. Jesse BillsBairnsdale3413
8. Matt CorbettBairnsdale268
16. Oscar ClarkeBairnsdale185
21. Damon O'ConnorBairnsdale41
PlayerClubRanking PointsDisposals
16. Brandon McauliffeMorwell10522
1. Burkeley MacfarlaneMorwell10530
30. Tom GrayMorwell10220
19. Max LintonMorwell9920
5. Aidan QuigleyMorwell9414
32. Campbell BlewettMorwell9114
12. Sam WalshMorwell8321
24. Archie GrantMorwell8324
60. Zachary AndersonMorwell7921
17. Tom SmithMorwell7716
15. Blake CoulingMorwell6219
20. Harrison McCollMorwell5910
6. Tyler BrownMorwell4918
29. Jackson BurrMorwell4910
9. Tyler HillierMorwell4718
18. Riley LopreseMorwell4311
3. Brandon McDonaldMorwell379
23. Charlie BurrMorwell363
2. Brandon BaileyMorwell3213
21. Dan MusilMorwell298
36. Mackenzie BlewettMorwell198
28. Cohen CampbellMorwell117